Friday, February 03, 2006

Walks are great!

I love my walks! It's great when my mom takes me out, we always walk a differen route, so I never get bored! We use to get out for walks often, just around the block, or the double block, and that was great. But now we have been walking more. I'm not sure how far distance wise we walk, but we walk time wise 50-65 minutes! And ever since my mom got a Gentle Leader for me, I do alot better. I hated it at first, it wouldn't alow me to run ahead, now it is teaching me to walk right beside my mom, and she is always telling me to "heal" whatever that means;)! I have the greatest mom, I'm glad she takes me for walks. I wish my dad would take me sometimes, or atleast both mom and dad. It's starting to get warmer here so my mom can walk and not freeze. I don't understand, I stay nice and warm!

I start some classes at PETsMART on monday! Mom says it will be nice to have me trained and well behaved! I think she's hoping that I'll stop jumping when people come over to visit...I can't help it, I'm just excited, I love people!


IndyPindy said...

Good luck with your classes! Yeah, my poor mom has to bundle up when she takes me for walks too because it's been so cold out. I love the cold weather though, it puts an extra spring in my step!

Grandmother said...

Ender, that is so cool that you are helping Mom get her exercise! And you did so well with your classes last time, we are sure you will do well this time, too.