Friday, May 18, 2007

Look who came to visit me!

Too bad my mom would't let it in! So...there was this thunderstorm that rolled in the other night, and that bird decided to wait out the storm right by our front door. I kept telling my mom to stop being so rude and to invite our guest inside, but would she, NO! I would have behaved myself, honest...we would have played all sorts of games like tag, pin the Ender teeth on the birdie, and things like that! But instead I just got to stare at that bird...til the storm was somewhat gone and it flew away, for over 30 minutes that bird sat there! fun for me!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who stole my pants???

So...I have been hiding for the past little while. You see in the above pictures why! Someone snatched my fur pants, and I can't find them! I went to the groomers last week for a bath and a brush...I went in with my pants, and I came out without them! Did they take them to get washed and shrink them, and couldn't give them back? My mom said that the groomers inspected me when she dropped me off and they said that my butt was way to matted and that they couldn't even get to my skin, so they would have to shave the matts off. My mom almost cried! I look really funny, but I got use to it, and now I don't miss my pants! It's kind of feels free- having the wind blow through my hair...wait, my non hair! Plus my parents feel bad that they didn't brush me after the weather got warmer, and that is why I was matted and had to be shaved, so they give me more scratches! Even though this now means that they are trying to brush me more, there is one good thing...more treats for ME!
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