Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The disappearing magic act

I have been noticing the past few days that things around the house are missing! Nothing of mine is missing yet, so no need to panic (yet) and cause an uproar. It's kind of strange, things get put into boxes, and I sit there and wait for them to be transformed into something else. But no such luck, they just stay missing! Mom says that we have to put some of our things into boxes, she calls it packing...Whatever....So that our house looks nice and decluttered, nice and big, and nice and clean, so that someone will want to buy it. Maybe if I put my humans into a box then they won't be around to mess up the house all the time! Because we all know that I would never mess up the house! We don't have to move until the end of September, so I really don't get why this so called packing has to be done now, it cuts into my walking, and play times!

Monday, June 26, 2006

A well needed update!

My car ride was fun! It is about a five hour drive from where we live in Idaho, to where we were going in Utah. I made it all the way and we didn't have to stop to go to the bathroom until we had to stop for gas! I usually have to go at least once, well, I don't but I know that my Mom does so stopping for me is a good excuse! My parents were going down for my Dad's Grandfather's funeral. So that would be my Great Grandfather. I met him about a year ago when I was just a puppy, he was 18 days shy of his 100th Birthday! Now that's really old in dog years! Because it was a funeral, there were lots of new people for me to meet. Sadly a lot of them couldn't pet me due to allergies, but they all said how beautiful I was, and that they thought that I was such a neat dog!

We also found out that week that at the end of September we will be moving to Texas. Now, I have never been to Texas just my parents, but they say that I will like it. We will be living in the Fort Worth are...So are there any dogs out there that can tell me where the good dog parks are, or if they like the area? I suppose if I really don't like it I can become a house dog, and lounge around inside where it is cool all day!

Picture posting is on hold. The laptop thing went down, something about a motherboard or whatever. I don't know how to get to the pictures on the big desktop, but I'm glad that my Dad was able to save them, and now we have this new laptop thing that I have to learn how to use. I will have to pay close attention when my parents use it so I can learn!

And lastly, but the most important.....I finally have my pool out! I was starting to get jealous of all my friends that have pools!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Should all posts have a title? Sometimes I can't think of a good one, like today, so I will leave it blank!

Well, the laptop thing is at a store called Bust Buy. Personally if it's not called PetSmart I could really care less! My dad did manage to save all of the pictures from one computer to the next, so as soon as I figure out just how to get them, there will be new pictures! My parents are leaving on a quick trip again...but this time I get to go! So I get to go in the car! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'm back now. I was in the kennels for about a week while my parents were in Texas. I wish that I could have gone with them, but they were flying and had lay overs and long travel days, and where they were staying wouldn't have been a good place for me. And I would have had to be alone for several hours during the day because they were out and about and it was too hot to stay in the car...even if the windows were open all the way...even if they rented a convertible! Mom and Dad went to Texas to visit some family and to do some house hunting. Not sure if we are moving yet, won't know for a month or so, we wait and see.

There may not be any more pictures to post for a while, haven't taken any new ones and the old ones on the other computer may have gotten lost...something about the computer crashing or whatever.

I am jealous of some friends of mine that they have there pool out, no pool here, I think that's why I look grumpy in some of the photos in my last post... I would rather be in a pool than these dirty sprinklers. Hopefully soon!