Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The disappearing magic act

I have been noticing the past few days that things around the house are missing! Nothing of mine is missing yet, so no need to panic (yet) and cause an uproar. It's kind of strange, things get put into boxes, and I sit there and wait for them to be transformed into something else. But no such luck, they just stay missing! Mom says that we have to put some of our things into boxes, she calls it packing...Whatever....So that our house looks nice and decluttered, nice and big, and nice and clean, so that someone will want to buy it. Maybe if I put my humans into a box then they won't be around to mess up the house all the time! Because we all know that I would never mess up the house! We don't have to move until the end of September, so I really don't get why this so called packing has to be done now, it cuts into my walking, and play times!

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Auntie Hana said...

So Ender, you are moving to Texas, eh? You sure have been to a lot of states even though you are so young! Will you be getting a cowboy hat? My mommie was born in Texas, but she moved to California soon after that. Her mommie was always scared of snakes there. I guess they lived near the open desert or something. What is a snake by the way? When are you going to move back to California so you can attend our eskie reunions?