Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's about time for a pool!

My pal Turbo has inspired me to write and post some pictures. We are both in the same boat because our humans have not put out the pools yet, um, wait... so I guess boat is the wrong word seeing as how there is no water! My mom should be getting my pool out in June, hopefully early June so I can practice my swimming and splashing skills before my two legged cousins get here in July! So as a hint to my parents I am posting some pictures of me from a few weeks ago. My mom didn't get pictures of me actually running through the sprinklers, just video, so the pictures I'm posting are of me just after playing in the sprinklers.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Things ok here now

My parents got the A/C fixed last night. Well, they had someone come and fix it...that would be giving them way to much credit! As soon as it was up and running I found the vents to be quite nice! There was a thunder and lightning storm last night, with rain. The thunder really didn't bother me I was able to sleep through most of it. And since it's so flat here the storms usually just roll in and then roll out.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wait, I wasn't ready for summer yet...

Ok, so our house was almost back to normal from the three floods last month, and from all of the other things that broke at the same time as those floods. But now, I'm not sure that I can live in this house anymore, things just keep happening or breaking, and I was ok up to this point but now my comfort level is way down. The air conditioning has not been working since Tuesday night, and it has gotten very hot here for this time of the year. It has been in the 90's and Wednesday at 8:30 in the evening it was still 85 deg. Outside, so at that point it was cooler outside than inside. It doesn't usually get that hot till June! My parents are trying to keep the house cool for me, giving me ice, turning on the whirling blades of death, and letting me go outside a lot as well as giving me lots of water, but why can't I have any ice cream or popsicles, its rude for them to eat them in front of me! Hopefully the air will be fixed today so I can return to lounging on top of the air vents in the house while the A/C is going, but if it's not...Maybe I should demand that I go to the kennels where it is nice and cool!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mmmmm, Nylabone!

So, I haven't been able to make any posts lately, as I'm sure you all have noticed. The first weekend in May we took a family trip. I love to go places in the car! Friday the 4th we left early in the morning to go to Seattle. My Uncle was getting married the next day and my parents didn't want to miss it. I get the whole back seat all to myself now, my parents finally figured out that I actually will stay in the back seat if its not half filled with my crate, or if I have to share the back seat with there human things! Anyhow, back to my trip....The picture on the left there was taken at some rest stop in Oregon. We all had to use the potty, well, me mostly. I was not allowed to go into any of the buildings so my Dad waited in the car with me while my mom used the restroom. Then I guess my Dad had to use the restroom too because he left me in the car by myself, but locked the doors so I would be safe. I wish that I could have gotten out because I saw that truck, and I know that there were things in that truck for me! Now, if only I could get to that truck! I thought that if I could break free from the car, I could open the back of the truck and sneak in before anyone noticed that I was gone. Well, my Mom came back first but was locked out because my Dad had the keys. She saw that I had my eye on that Nylabone truck and it was like she could read my mind!

The least she could have done was to go and ask the truck driver if he had any free samples to give to good little dogs! But now all I have are these useless pictures taken of the truck, way to tease me Mom and Dad! All in all it was a good trip, I got to play with my cousins and see my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles! And I had a yard to play in and other dogs to talk to while I was in the yard! We left on Sunday but didn't get back till late, so I am just now catching up on all of the things that dogs like me should be doing (chewing, sleeping, digging, etc..) I have some pictures that I will be posting when I get some more time on the computer, I have to wait my turn so I usually get it after my parents are done...Don't they know that what I need to write is really important? Hey, at least this isn't a post about the start of my life of crime, starting with me stealing the Nylabone truck and speeding off into the sunset (and living happily ever after!)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm now on Dogster!

That's right, now I have a profile on Dogster. I'm just starting it, so there is only a few pictures and some basic stuff. See if you can find me!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Almost back to normal at my house.

Well, I had a fun couple of days at the kennels. A little over a month ago my parents had water problems, (not because of me!) and they just now got the vinyl in the kitchen, dining room, all the bathrooms, and a laundry room. The flooding was bad, but I guess it worked in my benefit, because that was the second time that I got to go to the kennels in a month! Now the house just needs to be put back together, so I can have my space back. Its such a mess here, laundry stuff in the living room, stacks of towels, nothing is in its spot. And when I grab something, my parents tell me that I can't have it and to drop it. I tell you something, if it wasn't in my area where I could grab it they wouldn't have that problem! Oh well, at least my mom did all of the vacuuming when I was gone, I don't like the vacuum.