Friday, February 29, 2008


..... Need I say more, I don't think so!

Monday, February 25, 2008


So, Cooper and Ivy posted pictures of bloopers a while back, so I thought that I would post mine! This one on the left is the first one! If you look very close in the top left corner, you will see something other than white! I walked right in front of the camera as my mom was taking a picture of Luke! And this one on the right is one of my favorite blooper pictures! We both have our mouths wide open! Luke is starting to get fussy, and I am having a big yawn! Luke's mouth is open lots, but not mine, so this picture was funny just because of that!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The toy basket.

This is me next to a toy. It is a very soft toy that I would really like to have. I am in Luke's room in this picture, but that's okay because Luke and my mom are here to. See, I have a problem with this picture. Why must I stay away from some toys and not others, it's not like I can tell the difference between the ones I can have and the ones I can't have. Now don't get me wrong, some toys I don't want to have...I don't need the ones that don't have stuffing, don't rattle, don't shake, don't have tags, or ones that don't taste good. I know, youre asking yourself what's left? Well there are the ones that move all by themselves, the ones that have been sprayed with bitter apple, the ones that are too big for me to hide, and the ones that I have already tried once, and don't like! The picture over on the right here is my toy basket. It does have a lot of fun toys in it, and I did get a couple of new toys for Christmas and my barkday, but I have one problem with this toy's all by other basket next to it...all my toys fit into that ONE basket. ONE ONE ONE. Remember ONE! This picture over on the left is a picture of Luke's toy baskets...did you catch in more than one...TWO! And the worst part about that is that they have to be kept in the closet so I won't get in them! Luke has two baskets because the toys won't fit in one (like one basket) And I am told that as Luke gets older he will always have more toys than me, that's fine by me, but I have to make sure that he will appreciate them! Now we come to the last picture. Do you see what the tag says? There must have been some kind of mix up! Maybe that toy should be in my basket and not Luke's after all I'm 3 years and up! Luke is just 4 months old! He is just not old enough to appreciate plush little toys like that! And I should offer that toy to be kept in my basket since there looks like there is no room in his baskets...isn't that the nice thing to do? I think so!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A trip down memory lane...

...Whatever memory lane is...anyhow don't I look comfy and happy?! This picture was taken sometime in April I think, before I got my dog couch.

Answers to some comment questions:

In answer to JB's question I'm not sure if I like cats. I deffinatly know what a cat is because everytime I see one I go nuts, and when my parents tease me and ask me where the cat is I go and look out the front window to try and find one. My mom says that she's not to sure what I would do if I was in the same room with a cat. I think I would like cats...they look fast, and fun to play with.

And yes, Hana, Luke IS supposed to hold still, that would make my job of cleaning him up that much easyier!

Oh...and I lost the bid for the bassinet. It went into a big box and is on its way to the garage. So now I'll just have to settle for the crib! Sssshhhhhh don't tell!

(for whatever reason spell check doesn't seem to want to work, so ignore the misspelled words...but then again I am a dog, so why should spelling matter?!)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here I am trying to steal the show!

Maybe my parents will take the hint and make more Ender movies!