Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am now in Texas!

Well, we made it here safe and sound! We spent four days driving...well, my dad drove a very long 26 ft. penske truck towing a car, and my mom drove the other car while I slept most of the trip! It was hard, but somebody had to do the sleeping! The first night we stayed in Sandy Ut. The second night we stayed in Denver CO. The third night we were in Dumas TX. And the fourth night we were at our new home. We drove through Oklahoma, but didn't get to stop. I was mad that we couldn't stop because I didn't get to mark my territory like I did in all of the other states! I liked staying at the hotel in Denver....there was a bed just for ME! I'll post some pictures later when I get them down loaded. I have got some really cute ones! And I will also post some of my paw and my cone head ones. Paw by the way is all better!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well, surgery went well. As it turns out my corn was a result of something in my paw (wasn't there when they went in to look at it) that caused swelling and a cyst looking thing. The Dr. removed the corn and flushed out my paw.

Pictures will have to wait till we get down to Texas, not sure if I am going to have time since I have to keep a watchful eye on how my mom is packing...don't want any of my things to end up in boxes!

To quote my friend Turbo, on one of his favorite words:

Cone collars are STUPID! Bandages are STUPID! Pictures being taken of poor, hurt, sad pathetic me in the cone and bandage is STUPID! But the drugs are so gooood! (they make it not hurt so bad!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Going to the Dr.

My mom took me to the Doctor today. I had been limping since Saturday, and my paw was bleeding. When we got to the office, I sat on the scale very good (I now weigh 26.9 lbs.) and got a treat for that! I didn't like it very much when the Dr. had to touch my pad on my paw, it hurt! My mom had to hold me down, but that didn't work very well. The Dr. left, and then came back with another person to help hold me, and then she put a muzzle on me. I don't blame her, I did try to nip her, so she was just taking precaution. Well as it turns out I have a corn. And I'm not talking about the kind you eat! I have to go in for surgery tomorrow to get it taken care of. Better now so I am all well for my trip to Texas.

I should heal pretty fast, but maybe I should play up the injured, hurt, sad puppy card to get extra treats!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

One last vacation in Seattle

Well, things are crazy busy at my house right now. Almost everything is in boxes, and the things that are not in boxes, will be in boxes in less than two weeks. My mom and dad are getting worried because no one has come to look at the house in almost 3 weeks.

My mom took me for a car ride on Thursday, we are in Seattle again for a week. I will miss my dad and wish that he could come, but I will get to see a lot of my cousins and stay at my grandparents home. It will be a nice break from watching all of the packing that my mom has been doing.

In two weeks from today I will be spending a lot of time in the car because that is when we are leaving to go to Texas! I'm told that I will like it, so I will just have to wait and see.

I'll try to get at least some new pictures up before I leave, but the updating my links list will have to wait till things get settled in Texas...but I have a paper copy of the things I want to update it with!