Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sneaky, sneaky!

This is when I got into the kleenex when my dad was sick...I figured that maybe if I pretended to be sick then mom would give me some yummy soup too! And I did this all when mom and dad were in the other room!!


IndyPindy said...

Oooh, tasty Kleenex...I love to eat Kleenex too. So does my friend Meesha, you should check out her site too: http://www.meeshkaworld.blogspot.com/

Us said...

Joel does the same thing with diaper wipes!! Funny how they can reach things you'd never think of hiding from them.

Auntie Hana said...

Ender! You are definitely an Eskie! I don't know what eskie doesn't like kleenex and toilet paper and tissues. When my dad leaves the house in the morning, one of the first things I do is check to see if there are any tissues in the trash can.