Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am a dog

My name is Ender. I am an American Eskimo Dog. I just turned 1 in January. My mom baked me a doggie cake, and my dad got me presents! Even my birthday hat was made special just for me! (If you look close you can see that it says "yappy barkday"!)


IndyPindy said...

That is very cute! Thanks for visiting my blog, I will link to your blog!

My mom used to give me cake, but I have a very sensitive tummy so I can't have cake anymore. That's ok though because I get to eat raw chicken. Yum!

Casper said...

hi ender. you are so cute. i am going to blogroll you so i can check out your blog regularly.

Ender said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Whenever my mom's not hogging the computer I like to look at your blogs!