Sunday, February 19, 2006

I can be a helper!

I like to help my mom do the dishes. As you can see from he picture, washing them is what I do best...or pre-washing! My mom makes sure that it is safe for me to do this, and that she didn't cut anything on the cutting board that would make me sick. I think this time it was hot dogs, yummy! I rarely get to help in the kitchen, usually she is always telling me "out", but sometimes I am sneaky and creep up behind her so that she won't see me. But by the time she turns around and does see me, I can't stop licking, it's just sooo yummy! Maybe I am licking cheese, I can't remember.


IndyPindy said...

That's a very cute picture, and I am very jealous! I have such a sensitive tummy that I never get to lick the dishes or cutting board. I used to like to lick the bathtub after either one of the humans took a shower, but they were afraid that the soap residue would upset my stomach so they don't let me do that.

Casper said...

Lucky you, Ender! I always try to lick the stuff in the dishwasher but Mom does not let me.