Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Did someone say hair-ball???

My mom holding my fur, a few brush fulls.
My dad's feet by all of my fur.
Look at all that fur!

When my mom brushes me, she gets a lot of my fur in the brush. I don't really enjoy being brushed, so she only brushes me for a little while. The house is always furry after and then my mom has to vacuum. When it is nice outside, sometimes I get brushed outside, and then the wind blows my fur into the neighbors yard! This picture was taken a while ago. My friend Indy at http://indyscorner.blogspot.com/ had a post on pet fur being made into things, so now my mom is going to start saving my fur!


RoAnn said...

I'm glad that even though you don't enjoy being brushed, you realize that it will help keep you looking your handsome best. I had never heard of being able to use dog fur to make things with, and it will be fun to see what your mom does with it.

IndyPindy said...

Wow Ender,
That is a LOT of hair for your size, good work!

Casper said...

My Mommie needs to keep vacuuming, too. Otherwise, you will see tumblefur rolling around everywhere. Sometimes, I see my fur floating away while I am being brushed and I try to catch it and eat it so that it won't leave me.

Us said...

I bet Ender hair socks would be mighty fluffy!!