Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm feeling better!

Thank you all for the advice and suggestions. My mom decided to not take me to the vet yet. She has decided to take away all of my rawhides and things that I haven’t been digesting lately, and she is going to vacuum more (which I hate) to suck up all of the hair that I shed so I won’t get any in my tummy. My dad thinks also that when my mom gets stressed out and crazy (about our leaking, falling apart, getting help is like pulling teeth apartment) that I sense it and it gets me all upset, and then I puke. So my mom said that she would calm down so I will be ok. My parents will watch me like a hawk, and if I get worse, then I will go to the vet.

I have to be home alone this weekend while my parents go house hunting. I’m glad that I will be inside because I heard on the news that there has been dog napping in the area. Exactly what area in this area I’m not sure.

PS. When I signed on to the dashboard it said that the new blogger was ready...has anyone tried it, do you like it, whats the buzz?


Anonymous said...

OH NO .. don't get dognapped ... that might be too hard for us to get a resuce unit together for ... stay inside where it's nice and safe ... we'll instant message when the humans are gone, heh heh heh ...

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Ender,

glad to hear you're feelin' better, dooog.

Dunno about Blogger. We're still on the ancient one, not Beta. Biding our time, methinks.

I'd be interested in hearing comments too.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Isabella said...

Good to hear you are feeling better! We haven't switched to the beta version yet. We are waiting to make sure they have all the bugs worked out before switching over.

Do you have a petsitter coming over to let you out for potty breaks and to take you for walks?
Big Wags,

Ender said...

I just have to be alone on saturday for a while...but it will feel like all weekend!

hana said...

Ender, you should come visit me when your parents go house hunting!

As for the comment your dad made about how he thinks that when your mom gets stressed out and CRAZY, he thinks you get upset too then you puke.... well, I think your dad is just saying that because he wants your mom to calm down, and he knows your mom will do anything for you, so he correlates the crazy mom part with your puking in the hopes your mom will settle down. My mom says men will say those types of things if they're smart enough. Am I making sense?

Either way, I hope everyone remains calm so that we can solve the mystery of why you are puking. Hopefully you'll be ok this weekend when your parents are out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ender - hope that you're still feeling better! I am just catching up with the doggie blog community. By the way, not sure if the switch to beta happened yet, but we use it and we like it much more than the old blogger.
I've linked to you from my page because eskies must stick together to see how quickly we can cover the world with our fur! Ha ha!