Thursday, November 02, 2006

Does anydog have any answers??

I went to the vet last week on the 25th of October. My parents were/are concerned because I keep vomiting. I have been vomiting on a weekly (once a week, twice a week, twice in one day per week that kinda thing.) for the past month or so. First my parents didn't think anything of it the first few times that it happened. They thought that it might just be stress, the stress of moving, the stress of not having a yard anymore, etc. Anyhow, when I got sick twice in one day, then the next day I went to the vet. This is what my mom told the vet: we just moved here (we have been here now 5 weeks) diet has not changed, has been eating the same food for about a year, gets sick hours (6-10) after I eat, and that I have been going to the dog park. The vet took a stool sample, checked for Giardia, and checked for parasites. And my mom doesn't thing it's a food allergy because if it was, wouldn't I be getting sick a lot more? Anyhow test came back and, nothing...everything came back ok. The vet put me on antibiotics, and we were on our way. The past week has been ok, so I thought that I was all better. Wrong! Tuesday I got sick 3 times, and this morning I got sick once. My parents were smart enough this time to look at my vomit and see what it was. The first day they looked at it and it was big pieces of rawhide and hair (mine I suppose, it gets stuck to the rawhides), so they took away the rawhides thinking that maybe my tummy just doesn't digest them anymore. This morning my puke had booda bone in it from last night. My parents are going to watch me very closely, and I can't have anything but toys (they aren't going to change my diet, but they are going to give me filtered water) and if I still get to the vet I go again. Maybe the vet will have some answers? Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? Should my mom take me to the vet sooner and get blood work done?

Other than when I get sick, my mom and dad say that I appear to be ok, I'm playful, happy, etc... Oh, and when I get sick, it doesn't have food in it because we think it has already digested.


BLU and Comet said...


I'm sorry you are sick. My girl doesn't know what might be wrong with you, but she and I hope your tummy gets better soon. I've had to go to the vet lately too, and I don't like it at all.

Anonymous said...

Gosh little buddy - I have no clue. I think your Mom is doing the right thing by not giving you any bones for a while (bummer, though). Keep us informed of what's going on!!

Isabella said...

I throw up bile sometimes in the morning if my tummy is empty. Other times I throw up if I have eaten grass, a hunk of rawhide or some other undigestable thingie. The vet told Linda not to worry about it unless I start doing it alot, act like I am sick, or have sickly poop-so far none of that has happened. I hope your throwing up turns out to be no big deal, like mine.
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just need to adjust to the new pollens and poops and ugo's and stuff.

Bussie Kissies

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

You said you didn't change anything you ate. What about your chewies? Are they the same brand you had where you used to live or a new kind? Have you been eating grass or touching something in the yard with your mouth? I guess its throwup and poop patrol for your folks for a while.


Ivy said...

hmmmm... my only idea for you is to stop throwing up. sorry your tummy is feelin icky. mine gets that way wen i haf wierd stuff to eat like plastic flowers or carpet.

the only time i got as sick as you wuz wen sumbody put weed poison on the grass around our house and i ran around outside and got it on me and then licked it off. that made a reeelly bad mess. i hope yours is nothing like that!

Dachsies Rule said...


We have all thrown up and the vet said we had the Houston crud from all of the humidity and smog in the air. We end up with stuffy noses and, since we don't blow it out, we swallow it and it upsets our tummies. Mom gives us each 1/2 of a Benadryl (or generic) with our meals and we don't throw up. Your mom might try that to see if it helps any.
We hope you get to feeling better.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

hana said...

Poor Ender. I'm with Ivy... if there is an area you are frequenting that has weed killer or grass fertilizer, and it gets on your paws, and then you lick your paws, you can get a tummy ache. For sure! I know!

Is there something you are licking in the house? Could the water be so different at your new place that it causes upset tummy aches? Is there a new toy in the house? Allergies?

I am a regular throwerupper. Even for no reason sometimes. If it happens, it happens around 3AM in the MORNING, and it happens on white carpet.

I hope your parents resolve this mystery soon.

JustMeCopper said...

I'd say keep going to the vet. They can figure it out. My Mom had a dog once that throwed up all the time and it was his pancreas. He had to have enzymes on his food.

IndyPindy said...

Hmm. I used to be fine with rawhides and booda bones, and then I developed stomach problems after being on antibiotics too long. Now I have a lot of food allergies and rawhides make me sick. I also can't have Booda bones anymore because I am allergic to corn and they are made of corn starch.

If your parents want to check for food allergies there is a test you can do, it's about $180, but if you can't find any answers it might be worth it. Here is the web site for the company: I hope you feel better soon!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Ender,

sorry to hear about all this pukin' you're doin'.

If nothing in your diet has changed then it must be something to do with your surroundings (because you weren't getting sick before you moved, were you?).

If you're going for walks in the park or out in the garden, as some of the other doooogs have suggested, it may be something you're picking up there.

Hope you get better soon, dooog. You probably should keep getting checked by the vet anyhow.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Isabella said...

Hey Ender- how it going with the throwing up? Are you all better now?
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

How often and how much are your parents spraying the raid. Maybe its that?? Hope you get better real soon!

IndyPindy said...

Hi Ender,
Are you feeling better?


Akira and Shiro said...

hi ender,
we both have had similar problems. i now take two indigestion pills a day, i think it's tagament or pepcid....tagament, i think, and that's improved my vomiting. also, absolutely NO table scraps now, which I miss the occasional cheese most of all. one vet thought i might have Pancreatitis, but another said i didn't, so i don't know who to believe.... before i got over vomiting, i also had to eat special canned ID food for a while, and then mixed with my regular food, which i now eat a special for sensitive stomachs food, same that shiro's been on since he had vomiting problems when he was little.
good luck. hope you feel better soon,

Freda said...

Hey Ender,

Hope you are feelin' better. If the vet doc can't find anythin' wrong it sounds like it might be your new surrounds sound system. NO! I mean your new surroundin's, like others have barked. Maybe you'll have to moves back to your old home. If it might be bug spray or somethin' you may have to wash your feet after every walk. My dad washes my feet after every walk cuz of speeders (spiders), we have lots and lots of them in the grass and now water is fallin' and my feet get dirty. With light carpets, Mom rules. WASH THE FEET!

Hope things are betters for you.