Monday, July 14, 2008

Lounging...or Guarding?

I just posted about how good I am at relaxing. However, did you also realize that I am very good at multi-tasking? This is true. Dogs are inherently good at multi-tasking. For instance, here I am lounging in the hallway.

But wait! Behind that door, my dad is hard at work. While he is working, he can't be disturbed. So while it appears that I am lounging, I am in fact guarding the door so that my dad will be left alone to work.

As I said, I'm good at multi-tasking.


Hana said...

Are you guarding the door so that your Dad is forced to stay in the jail and continue to work, or guarding the door so no one bothers him? Maybe you are doing BOTH!

Isis said...

you are a great guard dog!