Friday, June 29, 2007

What is your blog rated??

Online Dating

(ps, I got this from another blog that my mom reads, so I have no idea why it is tied into an online dating site...I just wanted to see what my bloggie was rated)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fun quiz and other things...

Take this quiz, or better yet, have your humans take this quiz and see just how smart they really are when it comes to dogs. My mom guessed on a few of them and got 8 out of ten right.

Things have been fun around here for the past few weeks. My Grandparents stayed with us for a few weeks and so I got lots of playtime with grandpa. Then some of my cousins showed up for a few days and I got more playtime. My couisins even brought some of their toys with them and I tried to play with them, my mom started sounding like a broken record everytime when she would tell me to leave it! I was a good boy and eventually listened... the soft toys are just so tempting!

My parents went to San Antonio for the weekend last week. I wanted to go, but when I found out that my grandparents would be watching me it was okay that I had to stay behind. Besides, when my parents got home they said that it was really hot there, but every time they saw a dog they thought of me! (as it should have been!)

Mr Toad is back in my yard, I saw him there a couple of times last week.

My butt fur is growing back nicely. My mom keeps trying to brush it so it won't have to be shaved again, but I don't like it, however when she gives me treats after a brushing, I don't mind too much!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Meet my new....

BROTHER! I am so excited that I will have a brother! This just spares me the pain of having to be dressed up in princess dresses if I had a sister. I will get to ruff house with this little guy, when he is a bit older of course! I still have for the end of October to get here until I get to sniff him all over. Isn't that the cutest little picture of a foot that you have ever seen? Well, we are all excited over here at our house!
Since I am way behind on blogging for several reasons.... in no particular order... my dad has been working from home so we can't use the office during the day, and at night he sometimes will play World of Warcraft, so that uses the computer during the evening. My mom has been super lazy when it comes to helping me post pictures and blog posts. My grandparents are visiting and staying with us and it's a lot of fun to spend my time playing with them instead of blogging. Well, those are just a few reasons why it seems like I fell off the face of the earth.
My grandpa gave me a new nick-name...FANG! I like it! My mom has been making all kinds of yummy food that I only get to smell and dream of getting. And with new people in the house, there are new things to snatch and run away with, socks, papers, a camera case...but I am good at dropping things, so I don't destroy them!
Well, I can't promise that I will be posting every day, or even every week...but I am still here! (click on pictures to make them bigger)