Thursday, July 12, 2007

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And now on to other updates....

There probably won't be any pictures for a while, I have to get my parents to set up photoshop and then I can be back to the picture posting business. I should start blogging a lot more now that my dad has his own computer, that makes everyone in our house happy! It has been really hot here, there is this thing called humidity and that makes it feel hotter than it really is, ummm...I think Turbo should ban that!

Things started to show up at my house this week. Baby things. I really don't mind so far everything has had a new smell, and my mom keeps telling me that I need to get use to these things in the house. So I don't mind the things in the house...but then something showed up in my dog the back seat...and it wouldn't move...and then I got put in a seat belt so I wouldn't jump in it (but I did try several times!)! My parents kept calling it a car seat and when I got close enough to see all of the buckles and restraints, I am glad that I only have one seat belt thing and that I don't have to ride in that thing. At least I can still see out the windows! I have to wait til the end of October to meet my new brother. And then when he does get here I will get to go to doggie day camp a few times that week...I say why wait, take me NOW! My parents keep telling my what a great big brother I am going to be, I just smile and say "I know that"

I got groomed today. This time they didn't steal my pants! My butt looks pretty normal now, everything has grown back nicely!

Oh, I'm going to be an Uncle! My sister Kona is going to have pups! I asked my parents if a puppy can come and live at our house, but they said not right now, maybe in a couple more years.

Maybe next time I post there might be some pictures. Or I my just post about my parents. I'll have to wait and see, so will you!

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Mud Monster & DWB said...

My brother and I have dubbed you to be a rocking guy. Check out our blog to see what you must do.

Quincy & Tristin