Friday, February 02, 2007

Nothing much to report.

Thought that it was about time that I let the world know that I'm still here! It's been a difficult little while here. I'm getting stir crazy here. It has been really cold outside, we have even had some snow...but nothing to get really excited over, just enough to tease. I'm trying to get my mom to take me to the dog day camp at Petsmart, after all since the weather is too cold for her to take me to the dog (and since I don't want her to get sick) it would be in her best interest to take me! I'm really behind on my photo posting, well, posting in general. i was helping my mom with her sewing project the other day, but she wasn't really happy when I started picking up All the loose threads that were on the floor. i started to eat them, and I thought that I was doing her a favor, but she said those threads could get stuck inside me and make me sick. So I watched...I make a really good supervisor! My mom went shopping and got this new comfy looking thing to put on the bed and inside it she put a really comfy blanket that has feathers in it to protect it, and now I'm not allowed on it! I have to wait until she puts a sheet over the bed, something about hair all over the crimson bed cover. I did already try to eat one of the little pillows that goes on the bed, now mom covers those too!


Anonymous said...

I used to eat ribbons all the time when I was a pup! I still steal bits of fabric but now I just play with them - they don't really taste good.

Bummer about the bed. Don't these humans know they are supposed to buy bedding that matches our fur? That way they don't have to worry about shedding. Besides why buy pretty bedding just to cover it up with sheets!

hana said...

My parents have whitish bedding. It's good to hide my shedding fur, plus you can see little buggies like spiders very easily on the bedding!