Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh I forgot...

My grandma Ruth from Silveroaks took one (or more) of her eskies to the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions and her eskie Juneau took best of breed and competed for best in show! We say it on TV Monday, and it looks like animal planet will be showing it again...So I can watch it again! But I can't seem to find out any more info on the show.


Hana said...

Over here in the California east bay, it will be repeated on these dates:

April 14 - 5pm, 8pm PST
April 15 - 6am PST
April 16 - 8am PST

We found this on and entered our zip code.

I have heard that Juneau's handler is interviewed at the beginning of the Eukanuba show. Also, did you know Primo won Best of Breed at Westminster? Hooray for Grandma Ruth!

Hana said...

Hi again Ender. I just noticed when I'm on your web site, the cursor is a doggie! That's so neat! Where did you get that and how does it work?

IndyPindy said...

Neat! We saw that on Animal Planet last night. What is her Eskie's name?

I met a very cute young Eskie named Lucy the other day. She saw me from across the street and really wanted to come say hi to me. She could walk right under my tummy! I talked to her a little until our moms said bye.

Ender said...

Juneau is her Eskie's name that was in the show. Juneau is the reason that my parents decided to get me, while they were living in CA. and were doing all of the reasearch to get a dog they met Ruth and Juneau at a local dog show, then instantly they fell in love with the breed and I am!

Casper said...

We saw it too. Juneau is sooo cute and it was great to see so much airtime devoted to him. :D