Thursday, March 16, 2006

The last week or two

Well, it has been a couple of weeks, so I will catch everyone up on what I have been doing! On Saturday the 4th mom and dad took me to a brand new pet store called Northwest Pets. It was kind of like a grand opening, (even though it had been open for a week or so) so there were hot dogs (the horror! Can't they name them something else?!), chips, drinks and other goodies...But not for me, my parents ate that stuff right in front of me, can you believe it?! How rude! After checking out the store, it was time to get my picture taken. The local Pet Friendly Magazine was doing a photo shoot to search for animals to be on the cover of the magazine! There were a lot of other dogs there, and even some cats, but I didn't see any other type of animal. I hope that I get to be on a cover of the magazine, but if I don't I had fun anyhow. Soon my 8x10 picture of me will come in the mail, and I can have my parents hang it in the best spot in the house!! I also got some new food that day, I really like it and hardly ever skip my meals. And it is supposed to be really good for me. My new food has turkey and salmon in it, yummers! Solid Gold makes it and the kind I got is called Barking at the Moon. My parents are watching my weight because it does have more calories than what I was eating before, but it has no grains in it (so I don't eat my poo so much anymore) and it has high protein! I really like it, and even though my parents say that it is more expensive, they are glad to buy it cuz I like it so much. So that Saturday was a good day! It has snowed a couple times in the past few weeks, but it doesn't build up or stick and it goes away when the sun comes out. I am about half way done with my PetSmart classes. I am doing really well and have made some new friends, and when it ends I will be sad. My dad was teasing me today by asking me if I wanted a brother for my 3rd birthday...come on dad...that's two whole years away...doesn't he know that like, what, 14 years to me?! Well, My mom took some more pictures of me, surprise, surprise...they haven't even had me a year yet, and already they have over 1100 pictures! Of ME! My parents are now officially weird. Let me explain...Last night my mom woke up screaming, so I jumped on the bed to see if she was ok. My dad kept telling me her is was ok, and that it was just a dream, but my mom kept hugging me and looking me over. I guess she said in her dream our fence was broken and I got out...and then I got it by a car and was hurt really bad. Then my dad had a dream that I gained like 40 lbs. How weird is that! Well, I'll end for now, cuz I'm tired, and later I will get pictures up!

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Turbo the Sibe said...

Hey Ender Buddy, your new food sounds delicious. Our Human wants to buy some to let us have a taste. (I think she wants one, too!)