Friday, February 05, 2010

In memory

Today is my Aunt Hana's birthday. In loving memory I have posted a
picture of me eating French fries because I know how much she loved
her fries! We miss you Aunt Hana! We will always remember you!


Prints the Cat said...

Hi Ender,

Thank you for the post in memory of my Angel sister, Hana the Dog. She would have been 10 years old today.

I am sure she would approve of you eating french fries, as she would approve of all living creatures eating french fries. Hana would also applaud your parents in giving you the yummy french fries. French fries are the best, aren't they? How many did you get to eat?

~Prince the Cat

Teddy Bear said...

What a sweet way to remember your Auntie Hana.

Teddy Bear

Schmoopy said...

Miss you Hana! Thinking of you!


Kate, Schmoopy, Sassy & Mia

Prints the Cat said...

Ender, my Mom went with your idea and made a post on the Eskie Board. Check it out! Hope you don't mind we posted your picture.

~Prints the Cat

Casper said...

That is a great idea Ender. I can't eat french fries so I ate a sweet potato dog treat in Hana's memory.