Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The fake me!

This first picture was taken up in Washington when we went there for Christmas almost two years ago. That is my cousin Breanna and her "dog". Breanna can't have a real dog so instead she got that dog and named it Ender! But that Ender ate something called batteries and moved funny and made funny barking noises...really freaked me out! Breanna still has "Ender". Infact, that is her Ender with my Luke in the second picture. And that picture was taken when my mom and my Luke went up there just this past July (remember I didn't go). I hope that Luke didn't think it was really me. I would hate to think that I, the real Ender could be replace so easily. I'm sure when we go up to Washington this Christmas, I will be able to point out the differences to Luke, and he won't be confused as to who the real Ender is!

1 comment:

Hana said...

Once Breanna meets the real you, there's no going back!!!! I am sure she will like you better than the stuffed Ender.