Saturday, June 07, 2008


I need to protect my Luke from the evil bubbles! I didn't like these bubbles, but I do like it when my parents blow bubbles from a bubble wand!


Hana said...

For some reason my volume isn't working. Are those bubbles for your bubble bath? How often do you get bathed?

Ender said...

Hana, yes those are bubbles...but not for my bath, my mom likes lots of bubbles in her bath! Fine by me! I actually don't get bathed that often, but when I do I go to the groomers because I am better behaved for them and naughty when my parents try and bath me!


Nikki is laughing at you for barking at the bubbles.

Do you know what she does with bath bubbles?

She eats them! Momma only lets her have a few or else she would eat the whole tub of bubbles and then be really sick.

Silly girl!