Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I did a bad thing...

or so I was told. I personally thought that it was brilliant! My mom was getting ready to meet my dad at his work for lunch, and I decided that it was a great time to see what smelled so yummy in the trash! Normally the trash isn't where I can get it, it's kept locked away in the cupboard under the sink. But lately since my mom can't bend to well, she started keeping it on top of a step stool. I couldn't resist any more! I knocked it over and found all kinds of yummy things in there to eat! And I got a bonus...since my parents have started to eat off paper plates (less work for my mom) I got to lick the yummy stuff off of those too! My favorite just may have been the container of the left over home made pumpkin pie! Oh well, it was worth getting put in my crate. But I don't think that my mom will be foolish anymore and keep the trash out.


Isis said...

Ender that was amazing work friend!

i'm proud of you!

i like to steal the cardboard out of the trash and run away with it.


Hana said...

It's a good thing you did... getting the trash goodies! It sure taught your Mom a lesson... or well, it should have! (but why do you get punished? Not fair!) She needs to learn to put away things like that because your little brother should be coming soon. Is it between now and 2 more weeks? What would happen if your little brother had gotten ahold of the trash? It would not have been a pretty scene.

I hope I helped straighten this out!

Turbo the Sibe said...

I don't think that you did anything wrong, either!

Mojo said...

My mom makes that mistake sometimes too!! And I like it very much!! Just yesterday I was able to peek into the garbage and grab some pizza! It sure was good!

Comet and BLU said...

Way to go! Usually all I get is used tissues from the bathroom trash, and not very often at that. I've never been lucky enough to get kitchen trash.