Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am posting this because on the eskie board someone was asking if any other eskies howled. This is a video clip of me 'singing' or howling to Gary Allan - Nothing On But The Radio. If you take notice in the video, there is another set of howling first. That is also me, my mom couldn't find the CD to play the song, so she played a video clip recorded a few months ago of me singing to the song...so would that count as a duet? My mom loves the my mouth puckers when I sing.

Hmmmm, I just re watched the video and for some reason, my howls don't match my mouth. But you get the idea, right?!


hana said...

Ender, you are like a dog ventriloquist doing a duet with yourself!! Only an expert like yourself has true talent to do this.

Zach said...

Dude - you can HOWL! How cool is that! I just bark - really high pitched too. Mom say's I hurt her ears, LOL.

The Jakester said...

very cool! You make me want to get out there and HOWL! I howled once when I was about six months old. I was hanging out, playing under the table and then I just sat up and lifted my nose and did a little bit of one...... then pointed it high and let 'er rip! Mom almost fell off her chair laughing - I was so MAD. Haven't howled once since.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Ender,
You howl so well! I almost wanted to sing along with ya. :)