Saturday, August 26, 2006

I got a new brother!

Well..... OK.....not really. But it is the closest thing to a brother that I'm going to have for a while. I wish I could have a real brother, or sister, I would even take one of those hairless human pups! My parents got it at the store, and I saw it last night, but I didn't get to play with it, I had to wait until morning. Some good things about this kind of brother are, he will never eat my food, I will never have to compete for attention from mom and dad, I am the alpha-dog, I will have the whole bed to myself (well, and my parents) and I will be the cutest dog in the house! Some of the bad things are...he can't run and chase me, he is better behaved than me, he can't talk to me, he can't blog, we can't go cruisin' for girls, and he just rolls over and takes whatever it is I have to give him.
At least we can still have fun and wrestle! Even if he does make it waaaayyy to easy to pin him! This is me winning!

Do you see any resemblance, no I didn't think so, other than our bodies are white!


hana said...

Hey Ender, what a cool new brother you have! Why did your parents make you wait to play with him until the next morning? Another good thing about him is that he won't make the white carpets dirty, especially when your parents are trying to sell the house.

jared said...


I don't really notice a resemblance to you but he does look an awfully lot like the little pointer thingy you have on your blog!

Anonymous said...

yeah, and you can really knock the stuffing out of him, heh heh heh ...

Charlie The Big Dog said...


If you want a little brother or sister, you're gonna have to make some noise!
The human womans shoe's are always a great place to start:-)

Chew Hard!


IndyPindy said...

Hana you are so cute!

Ender, that is a neat brother!

I don't know...I am picky. I would only like to have a brother or sister who looks up to me. They have to respect that I am #1!

Your brother is a pretty easy kind of brother to live with!

Chelsea said...

I see a tiny resemblance but, I can't really tell because he is missing half his body.

It must be great having a little brother who can't talk!


Bum sniffs and hugs,


Ender said...

I had to wait to play with him because it was really late, and I should have been sleeping!

It's true! Little Brother does look like my pointer on my blog!

I knocked the stuffing out of him so hard that he had to have surgery!

Too bad the shoes are kept where I cant reach them!

Easy to live with and doesn't shed!

Turbo the Sibe said...

Well, if that stupid D. Animal has a blog, I don't know why your brother can't!

Ivy said...

that lil brother looks like fun! does he skweek wen you bite him?