Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Seattle

Whoever said that it always rains in Seattle is wrong. Apparently this part and other parts of Washington are going through a heat wave. Now when I say heat wave it is hot, but they don't always break the records, but it has been in the upper 90's. To the people here where A/C is not put in homes that's HOT! It's a good thing my grandparent have a heat pump, so I can still lay on the vents and enjoy the cold air. In fact, my grandparents keep it so cold in the house using their heat pump that my mom has to put a sweater on, or a blanket...I think my mom is crazy, I like it that cool and when I get back to my house I'm going to figure out how to work the A/C so it is as cold as I want it!

I'm having a relaxing time here, my mom found a dog park that she said she would take me to, it is fenced so I won't run into the road and get hurt, and I can't escape. I miss my dad, it's to bad that he couldn't come with us. I am getting to spend lots of time with family and playing with my cousins, and that is always fun. I was very good on the car ride here, we only made three stops, and of those three got to get out of the car for two of them.


Ivy said...

i cuddnt live without the cold air that blows from the magic holes in the floor!

my favorite part is standing with my head outside thru my little door and my tail inside feeling the cool breezes from the magic holes.

wenever randy sees me doing that he yells ivy get your head back in here! i dont know why he is kranky like that. probly becuz his head dozent fit out my little door so he cant do that too.

Anonymous said...

Come visit me up here in Alaska ... it's not hot at all! You know you want to!