Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ender the protector!

This is me and my new brother Luke. I really love him! Luke is now 1 month old and I have been very good with him! When Luke is sitting in his boppy, like he is in this picture, I like to hop up on the couch and sit by him. When Luke is crying, I like to give him kisses and make him feel better. I also like to lick Luke right after he has eaten and he spits up some really yummy stuff, I like to think that he is sharing with me!
This picture on the right...well, I thought that I would be really funny one day when my mom was taking pictures of the baby! I waited right until she was ready to take the picture and I snuck right in the photo! No prompting needed! I know right what to do! My mom called me a ham for doing that! Doesn't she know that I'm a DOG! My Grandma and Granddad came on a airplane
from Seattle to visit me, well, they really came to visit my Mom Dad and Luke, (but whatever!) and I was VERY protective of my little brother! The first and second day that they were hear I had to keep a close eye on them! They kept wanting to hold Luke and I had to make sure that they weren't going to take him back to Seattle when they left! When my Grandma bent down to pick Luke up from his bouncer, I snuck right in between them! And whenever my granddad had Luke for the first day or two, I would bark and grown at him! My mom kept telling me that things were OK, and so I guess that on the third day I decided that they were okay! Grandma gave me lots of scratches, and Granddad played in the yard and the house with me! It's just our family here now, and boy is it boring! Don't you think that Luke looks like me!? Well, I'm going to have fun teaching him all kinds of things. Like where the best spot in the yard is to hide things, and how to snatch things from the kitchen counters! Nothing else is new. It got pretty cold here, and I like to be outside. My Dad is going to take me to the dog park on Saturday, and that will be super fun!